Protein are a creative, digital innovation agency located in Sydney, Australia.
We have produced award-winning work for international clients for over 14 years and we love what we do!
Our services include identity design, brand development, web and mobile experience as well as fully integrated campaigns. Our content lab produces original content for the entertainment industry.

Protein was formed in order to offer brands an alternative to the traditional agency model. A team that allows the client, no matter how small, to interact directly with the brains and brawn behind each project. We don’t keep you at arms length, in fact it is more important to us that you understand what we do.

We look at every project as a challenge. How can we make the audience connect, engage and come back for more? Our skills allow access to a true multi-disciplinary agency.

We have successfully helped brands start-up, reinvigorate, find new audiences and branch out into new digital arenas. Our content lab develops original content for the entertainment, publishing and merchandising industries.

We look at every project as a challenge. How can we make the audience connect, engage and come back for more?


Trust Us

Trust Us

You came to us based on our previous work. You want to collaborate because we can do something that you cannot. You must TRUST US to do what we do best.

Challenge Us

Challenge Us

The best results are achieved without repetition. Complacency is the enemy of creative work. So CHALLENGE US with briefs that require our very best.

Talk To Us

Talk To Us

Without communication - everything stops. We want to hear what you have to say. Be as clear in your vision as you want us to be in ours. TALK TO US as an equal.

Partner With Us

We are not suppliers; we are in this for the long haul and can only achieve this on level ground. PARTNER WITH US and you will gain our knowledge and experience.

Pay Us

Our work adds to your bottom line – so invest in us. Without payment we cannot survive to be your partners. PAY US as you would expect to be paid yourself.

Mr Squiggle



Protein offer one-on-one consultancy to brands as well as team workshops and selected courses.




We’re back! With our friends at Public Design Group, we’ve created a stunning, purpose-built creative coworking space at the heart of Pyrmont. Come in and check out the view.


The Protein Clean Brief



We love to receive a nice clean brief. So we have developed a page to help you provide us with one.