Rising Sun Pictures

A web 2.0 approach to designing the online presence for one of the world’s leading movie VFX houses. Protein had access to amazing images with which to design a clean, modern show-stopper.

The website UX and design were developed to showcase high-concept hollywood images and offer the user the big picture.

UX / Website Design

Sydney Coastal Council Landslide Website

Protein were asked to create an educational platform for Sydney Coastal Councils to offer an engaging way to learn about the risks of Landslides.

We designed a contemporary, questionnaire-led solution that built solid foundations for online learning.

UX / Website Design / Web Development

Bray Chan

When Bray Chan required a new take on their existing brand, they came to Protein to navigate unchartered waters. The existing brand was simple and had a history that had to remain intact.

We stripped the identity back and developed a look that is reminiscent of the haute couture clientele that the client is close to. Repositioning their business as one that is all about the details, the fine points of each interaction with their clients’ finances.

Branding / Copywriting / Stationery / Website


Online startup ‘Sportility’ approached Protein to create a distinctive brand to build an online community. We crafted a positive and confident brand identity that speaks to the digital generation.

A brand fit for apparel, corporate communications and online advertising. The client worked closely to ensure that we created something scalable and unique.

What a good sport!

Branding / Stationery

The Natural Grocer

One of Sydney’s longest-standing nut companies required some added Protein for their products online! We rebranded The Natural Grocer’s site by exploring the fresh, natural colours of their products.

The content-managed website won ‘Best in Class’ in the IMA awards for Interactive Media Design.

The only time we were happy to work for peanuts.

Copywriting / Advertising / Website

Vic’s Meat

Protein changed the face of the meat industry, re-launching Vic’s Meat as a premium brand.

We served the finest cuts of brand identity through print, online, transport, uniforms, interactive and much more. At once positioning the company as the ‘Virgin’ of the meat industry winning multiple creative awards.

Everything crafted. Nothing butchered. Making it one of the most recognisable food brands in Australia.

Branding / Mobile / Identity / Copywriting / Packaging / Stationery / Website

Be Ready App

Protein designed an editorial style mobile UX and interface for BeReady.

The aim of the project was to provide the developers with an easy-to-skin layout that would give the user the feel of a digital magazine.

Mobile Design / UX


Boing likes to bounce! And bouncing is fun! We concepted and created an augmented reality experience to kick objects inside your iPhone!

Created as part of our ‘Active AR’ brand, dedicated to encouraging children to stay “mobile with their mobile” rather than “slouch on the couch”. Boing encourages kids to move around and improve their hand-eye coordination skills.

Can we kick it? Yes we can.

Branding / Mobile / App Development


Protein designed a brochure site to help launch the Salvage wood brand in Sydney. A quick micro-site that evoked the rustic warm charm of the reclaimed product on offer.

We coupled this with a parallax animation to communicate the journey the product took from ship to shore.

Motion / Website Design / Web Development


Our challenge with this brand was to create something that surpassed the public perception of accounting. How could we design an identity that appealed to customers looking for quality accounting service, while standing out from the norm.

For Seventeen Degrees we designed a logo that was all about the execution. Our approach delivered an elegant brand with a premium finish. An understatement that turns heads. Sum-thing wonderful indeed.

Branding / Print


Protein designed an eco-friendly interface for Plantix mobile app. Working closely with the developers we designed an interface that allowed the user to view the effect of their carbon footprint on the environment.

This was supported by a carbon calculator designed to allow the user to enter exact calculations. Go green!

Mobile Design

Shamrock Agents

Protein designed and developed an award-winning online education tool for Tourism Ireland. Our lunchtime learning solution built an audience of travel agents that actively learnt about the destination and were rewarded.

The campaign was so successful that it was rolled out for nine countries over six years and won an IMA Award for online design. We had the luck of the Irish!

Branding / Website


Autopia already had a strong presence in Australia for novated car leasing. Protein were geared up to produce an online engagement piece that would simplify a complex message.

We produced an easy-to-digest, fun and engaging way to see the road ahead. The animation was so popular that it was even referenced by their main competition online! An example of how explainer animations can truly drive engagement.


We Love Jam

Creating the brand identity and positioning for music entrepreneurs ‘We Love Jam’ has been one of the most fun working collaborations on any brand.

The team at Jam asked us to develop a fun, lively, sticky brand that could easily be spread over multiple media channels. We worked on the naming of the company, print collateral, showreels, online presence and more.

The result was something sweet.

Brand / Print / Website

Clean Brief

There’s nothing we love more at Protein than a set of clean briefs! We took at look at how we could develop a free app to help clients (and the general public) to form the perfect brief when requesting creative work.

Voila! Our Clean Brief app available on the App Store. Making form-filling an absolute pleasure, keeping briefs nice and tight!

Branding / Mobile Design / UX / Mobile Development

Brown Forman

Protein animated this event-led piece for Brown Forman to run during a product event. The idea was to speak loudly without words, create a music and sound influenced piece that suited the brand.

The animation was designed as a single piece that the audience follows as it unveils along a single path… like a drop of liquid trickling along a glass surface.

Chin chin!


Macleay Street

Protein rebranded spatial design for Macleay Street legends, Macleay St Launderette. A local hero, this business needed a fresh, clean spin on their outlook.

We redesigned the environmental design to put a smile on passers-by. The window display and overall branding increased traffic and open opportunities.

We hang with Macleay St!

Branding / Shop Front Design / Copywriting / Packaging / Website


No, that wasn’t a typo. Protein created an organic, premium brand for Australian vanilla bean product and suppliers ‘Vnilla’.

The brand design had to reflect the rich, textured difference in the taste that they acquire. We illustrated a brand execution that with a simplistic, typographic twist on an identity.

Much like the product which is sourced from the finest beans, the branding is simple, sweet and full of flavour.

Branding / Packaging / Print

The Organic Land and Food Co.

Protein developed a brand identity, packaging and support design materials for one of Australia’s finest farm-led organic meat companies. From humble origins grow some of the world’s finest food produce. Our inspiration was to create a brand both wholesome and raw.

An identity created from a harsh land. But easy to dig.

Branding / Guidelines / Online / Packaging

Janella Purcell

A simple yet recognisable brand identity for naturopath services. This was one of our earliest brand designs focussed on creating an instantly connectable motif.

The identity is a combination of the heart and continual flow that the client attributes to the benefits of naturopathy. A malleable logo to work on corporate communications as well as food product.

A healthy result for any brand.

Branding / Packaging / Stationery


Peoplecorp came to Protein to rework their online experience to reflect their select Human Resources recruitment service.

After creating a sophisticated UX design and integrating the search systems, Protein were engaged to revisit the brand. We designed a simple and effective identity that took the clutter out of their messaging. We then collaborated on the interior office look and feel for the brand.

Branding / Signage / Stationery / Website

Pure Interiors

Protein created a simple, pure and refined identity for this interior design business. A typographic execution with subtle refinements.

Both the identity and website had to communicate the high quality and attention-to-detail synonymous with the client’s own work and won Protein an IMA Award for design.

A fitting identity for a creative client, the online site we created was full of depth and mood.

Branding / Website

Adam Drummond

We designed a new corporate identity for a consultation business that required a smart, intriguing image. We provided a corporate identity, online presence with CMS and development support.

The client required an identity that would cement his name in the local community. Building on the foundation of his reputation we helped to create an identity that was slick, professional and open.

Branding / Stationery / Website

Sigil Studio

An oldie but a goodie. Sigil Studios, a development and technology partner, required a new identity to communicate the business both in Sydney and San Francisco. We came up with this slick puzzle-style moniker for the brand.

Working with IT can often be confusing or misleading. This was our way of giving the client an identity that instantly communicated that working with him offered a clear path to a job well done.

Branding / Stationery

Match Box Pictures

Protein branded world-renowned film and television production company Matchbox Pictures. A truly collaborative meeting of minds to strike the right image.

We created a typographical and scaleable identity that had to work across multiple media from print, online and television to film. An internationally recognised brand that communicates the perfect match of professionalism and content that is out of the box.

Branding / Print / Website

Many Rivers

Protein had the privilege of designing the brand identity and support materials for the Westpac-supported not-for-profit Many Rivers. A wonderful initiative to award micro-loans to indigenous and underprivileged business owners.

We created a new vision that was designed to offer inspiration for applicants while appealing to corporate sponsors. Something that offered many streams with which to work.

Branding / Print / Website