Branding an innovative renewables business, producing a valuable resource without recycling ideas. A fulfilling and exciting project that promotes the very best of future-proofing our planet.


We were asked to look at the ground-up branding of an exciting environmental company. We were involved in the very early stages of development and had the benefit of delving deep into the reasoning behind the business and the benefits it offered both to its audience and the general public.

Working closely with the founders of any business is always a privilege as we can insure that the identity is created by listening to their stories. Our Discovery Phase consisted of workshopping not only the themes behind the brand but also the business name itself.


We began the naming process by looking for a constant in environmental messaging and seeking a name that the client could ‘own’ in the space. In this regard, we looked to the usage of ‘Re’ in recycling, renewables and reenergise etc. By naming the company ‘Re.Group’ the brand immediately allowed us to scale the communications by using multiple iterations in copywriting.

The founders childhood influences determined the colour palette and overall tone of voice of the brand. The identity was designed by creating an endless loop that recycled itself over and under. To infinity and beyond!


Designing the communications pieces allowed us to use bright primary colours offset against a corporate neutral. The typography was customised for the identity lockup while the body copy was designed to be light and easy to read.

The brand itself was designed to evolve as the company does over the coming years. The imagery draws inspiration from the Director’s own childhood influences. Communicating a direct correlation between teaching the next generation about environmental concerns and the founders’ own childhood passions.



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“Protein delivered more than they promised, building a perfect platform to convey our company’s corporate identity and vision. Not only was the final outcome excellent, but the whole process was a pleasure; from start to finish, the team were flexible, efficient, open-minded and responsive.”

Client Kudos RegroupDavid Singh,
Managing Director

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