Victor Churchill

Protein were the creative agency behind the branding of world-renowned butcher’s Victor Churchill. Working closely with the client, we changed the way people looked at the artisan meat industry.


Protein had successfully rebranded the wholesale premium meat business Vic’s Meat which became synonymous with ground-breaking food creative. We were then presented with the challenge to add a little mustard to the meat by creating a retail food brand that would easily sit amongst the world’s most sought after designs. We aimed to raise the bar and create a brand that would become known as ‘the Louis Vuitton of butchers’.


We took a long-form approach by concepting an integrated campaign between the wholesale business and retail launch by creating ‘Ask The Butcher’. A ground-breaking experiential and mobile campaign that launched Victor Churchill and became a TV show. With the Victor Churchill brand we focussed on creating a premium, genre-defining design to match the reputation of the incredible business.

Victor Churchill


Having worked with the client for many years, we had intimate knowledge of the customer needs and client’s voice. Our approach was to design a brand that could become an icon.

The challenge was to create something that could be premium without being elite or exclusive. The packaging was designed to make the customer feel special. The spatial design to who the history and passion behind the business. And the ‘Ask The Butcher’ brand to allow a grass roots following to have access to the brand. From paddock to plate and concept to creation. Protein, synonymous with the highest quality food brands.




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“The favourite part of my day is my contact with the team at Protein. Whenever I speak to them about our marketing strategies and specific projects the team just sparks up and the ideas that come from them are incredible. We are all always amazed that our ideas are heard, delivered and exceed our expectation on EVERY job. Our brand, which is now globally positioned has never been so strong, clear and focused as it is now in the hands of Protein. I look forward to working with Protein today, tomorrow and in the future.”

Client KudosSharon Gray
Marketing Manager

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